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The OpenLV project team has the budget to deploy 10 intelligent substation devices in Western Power Distribution’s Licence areas to test new apps that could provide benefits to Distribution Network Operators, customers and service providers on the LV network.

The OpenLV Project team is looking for anyone within the industry to come forward with ideas for new apps that can utilise LV network data to provide benefits to Distribution System Operators, Community Groups, the wider industry and, of course, customers.

So, we would like to hear from you if you:

OpenLV Survey

If you have an idea that you would like to share with us, or if you are interested in developing an app as part of the OpenLV project, making use of LV network data, please complete our survey to register your interest.*

Please note, the survey will require you to disclose a summary of your idea. The reason we ask you to do this is so we can gauge, at a high level, the amount of interest people have in developing apps, and also which use cases people are interested in deploying apps for. The amount of information that you disclose needs to be enough for us to understand what your app is for, and to signal serious interest. We will use this information to report on the general trends observed in responses, but we will not put the specific mechanism of your proposal into the public domain. Although our preference is for the survey to be completed, we may instead be able to arrange a meeting to discuss ideas, and the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement can be considered if required.

Before completing the survey, please take two minutes to view the OpenLV video, for an explanation of what the project is all about.

Take part in our survey

Complete the survey

* Projects will be chosen according to a selection criteria. The process for selection is:

The OpenLV project is unable to fund app development, however it will make a number of LV-CAP™ devices available to the chosen projects and install them in relevant LV substations. The project will also provide the base API available for guidance. You may be based anywhere in GB, although the substations housing the LV-CAP™ platform through which the data will be available will be located in Western Power Distribution’s licence areas in the South West, South Wales and Midlands.

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