Applications to develop projects are now closed

The OpenLV project is making electricity data from the low voltage network ‘open access’ for the first time ever. This presents a great opportunity for smart thinking and innovation. Community groups have been invited to come up with novel ideas for using this data, either in the form of an app or in any other way. In the summer of 2017, we ran a survey to collect information and ideas from community groups who would be interested in participating in the project. This demonstrated that there is a wide range of interest from communities in WPD’s network area in participating in the project. Please note that the application process closed on 22 January 2018. Successful projects have now been assigned an experienced programmer to lead software development, along with community engagement support staff from the OpenLV team to support with designing and delivering any wider community engagement that the trials need to be successful. Projects have also received up to three LV-CAP™ monitoring units, installed and maintained for the duration of the trials. The Community Groups that have been successful in applying to take part in the OpenLV project are as follows: Bath and West Community Energy Exeter Community Energy Marshfield Energy Group Owen Square Community Energy Rooftop Housing Group Tamar Energy Community


The OpenLV project uses a software platform called LV-CAP™ that was developed by EA Technology.

Think of this as a computer that sits inside an electricity substation and measures and reports on what the substation is doing, in real time. For example, it can measure how much electricity the homes and businesses connected to the substation are demanding at any given moment and it can tell us how much pressure the substation is under due to this demand.

There are around a million electricity substations in the UK – almost all of them anonymous and silent parts of the energy network. But through OpenLV they could really come to life.

OpenLV data could be used by communities in all sorts of ways. We’re currently working with community groups to develop technical specifications and carry out app development.

More information about LV-CAP

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If you have an urgent enquiry, call 0117 934 1400 and ask to speak to Rachel Coxcoon or Bridget Newbery.

The project is being led by EA Technology, working with Western Power Distribution, the organisation that manages the local electricity networks in the Midlands, the South West and South Wales. The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has been contracted to deliver the community engagement elements of the project.