Step by Step Guide to app development

Step 1

Identify an idea or a problem that you would like to resolve.

Step 2

Assess the need for the app that you want to develop. Identify the number of Community Groups, Customers or Distribution System Operators that could benefit from the app. Proving the level of interest will make the idea/app more likely to be selected by the OpenLV Project team. This will also make it easier to attract funding to develop the app.

Step 3

Outline the functionality that needs to be delivered by the app and keep it simple. Identify core features that are required, do not over-complicate the process by adding in additional features that are not required.

Step 4

Identify how the development of the app will be funded.

Step 5

Agree the design and functionality of the app with the developer and develop the app.

Step 6

Deliver the app to the OpenLV Project team.

What will be provided by the OpenLV Project team?

The OpenLV Project team will:

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