An Innovate UK competition could potentially provide funding to support the development of apps for the OpenLV project.

As part of the ‘Upgrading our energy system: smart systems and flexibility’ plan, the government’s response to the Call for Evidence on “A smart flexible energy system”, government has launched a competition on local flexibility markets.

Government is committing up to £600,000 for feasibility studies about innovative approaches – both technologies and business models – that can be used to value and trade flexibility in the UK electricity system, particularly at a distribution level.

Flexibility in the electricity system – which could be provided by options including energy storage, demand-side response, or vehicle-to-grid and other technologies – could reduce costs and secure a more efficient electricity system. This competition is intended to develop solutions which will help to value flexibility located at one part of the system for the benefits that it provides across the whole electricity system.

Project teams can apply for a grant of up to £60,000 for each feasibility study.

Deadlines to apply for this competition

Registration is required by 12 October 2017
Applications should be submitted by 19 October 2017

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There is also Innovate UK funding available for innovative electric vehicle to grid projects, also at the above link.