The OpenLV solution (LV-CAP™) is a software platform, operating on off-the-shelf commodity hardware. It will sit as an interface between the HV/LV substation assets and the customers it serves.

This solution is analogous to a smartphone. In the case of a smartphone, the development and rapid acceleration seen in applications (apps) has been provided by a wide variety of organisations, covering a huge array of services.

The growth in smartphone apps, shows the importance of: 1) having an open Operating System (OS) that can be deployed on multiple vendors’ hardware and 2) the ability to have a central system or store to deploy apps and make them available to new users. Whilst the platforms are common, the apps used are highly tailored to suit the unique nature of a user’s own needs – no two phones are identical, as no users are identical.

This project, OpenLV, will trial a similar, open platform, but for a substation. The OpenLV platform (LV-CAP™) will be deployed in 80 HV/LV ground mounted substations in this project.