OpenLV has released a video entitled ‘Network Benefits’ – the second in a series of short films about the ground-breaking project that has been making local electricity data openly available.

The video features interviews with project partners and participants where they describe what the outcomes of the project could mean for local electricity networks.

Decentralised intelligence such as the LV-CAPTM software platform could provide local electricity operators with a cost-effective way to meet the Net Zero challenge.

Chris Harrap from Western Power Distribution (WPD), describes in the video how OpenLV has gathered network data which has been used to help enable control of power flowing between two substations.

Joe Hayden from Haysys explains how the OpenLV technology has also been successful in demonstrating the use of alternative measurement hardware within substations.

Paul Beck, from Lucy Electric GridKey, talks about how OpenLV will help to reduce the investment we need to make in the electricity network as we experience an increase in low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles.

Click here to watch the OpenLV Network Benefits video 

More videos about OpenLV will be released over the coming weeks, and two webinars will share the learning from the project; keep up to date with the latest developments on Twitter @Open_LV