Trial location

Cardiff, South Wales.


The OpenLV project is deploying the LV-CAP™ software platform in a number of distribution substations to make low voltage network data more widely accessible. LV-CAP™ is an open and flexible platform, designed to easily connect to any measurement device.

Haysys has developed the FeederNet system, a complete low voltage substation monitoring solution, which measures a wide range of electrical parameters of interest. FeederNet has been designed to be compact, easy to install and weather proof, so is suitable for most substations.

What is the challenge?

The OpenLV project has partnered with Lucy Electric to use its GridKey system as the standard measurement device to date, but would benefit from testing alternative monitoring technologies to prove the flexibility and ‘open nature’ of the LV-CAP™ platform.

What is the proposed solution and how is OpenLV enabling it?

Haysys will connect its FeederNet technology to LV-CAP™ to prove this platform can be utilised by other technology providers. Data from the monitored substation will then be used to confirm that Haysys FeederNet integrated with LV-CAP™ can accurately monitor an LV substation.

The Haysys FeederNet technology will benefit customers and electricity companies by providing an alternative LV-CAP™ measurement device to the Lucy Electric GridKey.

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