The OpenLV project has been featured in the April 2018 edition of Energy World.

The article explains how the OpenLV project is trialling an open software platform in electricity substations that can monitor substation performance and electricity demand. The LV-CAP™ platform is designed to integrate with third party products to enable network control and automation, and increased customer participation in network management. The platform will host applications provided by a diverse set of developers, such as community groups, businesses and universities, providing a variety of services to network operators, communities and the wider industry.

The OpenLV project is funded by Ofgem through the Network Innovation Competition (NIC) and is led by EA Technology, a third party innovation technology company, and is being delivered in partnership with Western Power Distribution. Key project suppliers include Nortech, Lucy Electric GridKey, CSE and Regen.

As part of the OpenLV project, software will be installed in 80 low voltage (LV) distribution substations located in Western Power Distribution (WPD) licence areas – the Midlands, the South West and South Wales. The software could ultimately be deployed across the electricity network.

The project is using three approaches to demonstrate the platform’s ability to provide benefits to the network owner, customers and service providers:

1: Improving the capacity of the local electricity network

2: Community benefit

3: Development of apps

The real-time data about the capacity of local electricity networks that OpenLV is expected to provide can assist with the installation of the growing numbers of home electric vehicle charge points, as well as public chargers. In addition, the data will be useful to a wide range of other sectors, including domestic battery systems, renewable energy developers, property developers, facilities managers, smart city planners and operators of private energy networks, as well as the electricity industry itself.

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