OpenLV ran a workshop on 13 February in Bristol for businesses and academia interested in taking part in the project. The aim of the event was to provide more information about the technology and the commercial arrangements involved in OpenLV.

Over 30 delegates attended, with the main questions focused on the technical aspects of OpenLV and the LV-CAP™ platform. EA Technology’s Richard Ash was thankfully on hand to answer all of the queries about software languages, communication networks, etc, as well as to give a demonstration of the LV-CAP™ system.

Mark Dale, Innovation and Low Carbon Networks Engineer, Western Power Distribution, presented about WPD’s perspective on OpenLV – specifically how the project fits in with WPD’s innovation plan. The aim is to get the LV-CAP™ platform deployed and delivering benefits in LV substations around the country.

Paul Morris from EA Technology talked about the commercial aspects of participating in the project, and the support that can be offered to any organisation wanting to be part of OpenLV, including the OpenLV platform, background infrastructure, and software application development support. Apps that are developed as part of the project could ultimately be sold through an app store.

There was lots of enthusiasm from attendees about getting open access energy usage data for the first time. The event also presented a great opportunity for delegates to network with other attendees with a shared interest in the distributed electricity network. Delegates were from a range of backgrounds, including universities, the EV sector, and the electricity/power system equipment design sector.

Any other businesses or academic institutions that have a good idea about how to utilise LV network data and want to apply to be part of the OpenLV project need to do so before the deadline of 28 February 2018. Take part in the OpenLV survey for businesses and academia here.