Presentations about the OpenLV project will feature at Western Power Distribution’s Balancing Act Conference, taking place on 26 November 2019 in London.

The afternoon sessions will provide an in-depth overview of the OpenLV project, which aims to provide a common, low cost platform that can facilitate the deployment of different apps to suit the needs of the network, its customers, and the broader supply chain. The event will provide the opportunity for a closer look at the three project methods and the learning so far, with an opportunity for Q&A.

Sam Rossi Ashton from WPD, and Dave Russell and Tim Butler from EA Technology, will give an introduction to the project and talk about ‘Method 1’, Network Capacity Uplift.

This will be followed by Sam Rossi Ashton and Paul Morris from EA Technology presenting about the project’s Community Engagement method, and ‘Method 3’, which is working with businesses and academia. This will be followed by a Q&A panel session.

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