The OpenLV ‘Business and Academia’ video provides a snapshot of some of the projects that have taken place with a range of businesses and academic organisations, and the benefits that are possible from accessing local electricity data.

The OpenLV platform has been using EA Technology’s LV-CAP™ platform to host participants’ apps and make data available in a secure, managed way. Paul Beck from Lucy Electric GridKey explains how his company has been looking at the charging of electric vehicles, and only charging EVs when data provided by OpenLV has shown that there is spare capacity.

A wide range of other perspectives are shared in the ‘Business and Academia’ video, including from David Russell, EA Technology; Sam Rossi Ashton, Western Power Distribution; Joe Hayden, Haysys; Robert Brown, Orxa Grid; Andrew Padmore, Egnida; Julio Perez Olvera, Imperial College; and Phani Chitti, Bristol University.

Watch the OpenLV Business and Academia video here

Two free webinars are taking place to share learning from the OpenLV project. 

The first webinar – taking place at 2pm on Tuesday 17 November – looks at ‘Electricity Networks & Distributed Intelligence’, when the technical benefits of distributed intelligence platforms will be explained, such as the LV-CAP™ technology trialled in this project. Click here to find out more and to register for the free webinar.

The second webinar, ‘Making LV Network Data Openly Available’, takes place at 2pm on Thursday 26 November 2020. This webinar will explain what happened when OpenLV offered the data from distributed intelligence LV-CAP™ platforms to community organisations, businesses and academia – what these disparate organisations wanted to do with the data available, and how they utilised it when they received it. Click here to find out more and to register for the free webinar.

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