OpenLV has produced a project summary brochure, ‘The benefits of open source distributed intelligence’. The brochure provides an outline of what the project achieved during the three-year trial.

The publication provides an overview of the enabling technology, LV-CAP® , trialled in 80 low voltage substations across the Midlands, South West and Wales, and how it can benefit network operators like Western Power Distribution. The OpenLV project used this technology to make local electricity data available to community groups, businesses and academia. Participating organisations were able to create apps that were hosted on the distributed intelligence platform in local substations. 

The brochure is illustrated with case studies summarising how the community groups, businesses and academics that took part in the project benefited from using data from low voltage substations, and how distributed intelligence can enable the Net Zero transition and support social responsibility. It also discussed how the project addressed cyber security concerns.

“When our project team first conceived OpenLV, we found it difficult to convince some stakeholders of its merits. The main concern was that they doubted that there would be any interest in LV network data outside the DNOs or that anyone would want to create apps to be hosted in substations. This project has proved that there is a huge interest out there. The level of interest was, in fact, far higher than any of us could have hoped for.”

Roger Hey

DSO Systems & Projects Manager

Western Power Distribution

“The findings from the OpenLV trial are now more revelatory and relevant than ever before. As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, the drive for a Net Zero future is likely to take precedence across every community as the priorities and plans for our planet inevitably change.”

David Russell

OpenLV Project ManagerEA Technology

Click here to download the OpenLV final project report brochure