There’s now a brilliant way to find about OpenLV in just three minutes, by watching an animated video about the project.

The animation summarises what the project has achieved, what the project’s legacy is, and what the future could look like.

OpenLV ‘opened up’ data from electricity substations for the first time by trialling a distributed intelligence platform. It gathered around 15 million data points every day from 80 substations across Western Power Distribution’s regions in the Midlands, south west England and South Wales.

Volunteer community organisations, businesses and Universities developed apps, or were given access to data which was used in a variety of ways.

Data gives us a better understanding of our electricity use and helps to manage the electricity network more efficiently.

Work is now underway to develop a commercial platform that will enable businesses and Universities to continue to develop apps and access data, allowing innovative solutions to be developed for the wider industry.

The OpenLV project has played an important part in moving the UK closer to a smart grid, helping to minimise network upgrade costs and paving the way for a future in which everyone can benefit from the journey to Net Zero.

Watch the OpenLV animation here

All OpenLV end of project materials are available here